People: immaculateness


‘No modern nation is tidier than Japan. The Japanese are quite sensitive to environment in their immediate vicinity but a bit indifferent to the outside world. The clean-tilled fields, the trimmed terrace borders, the weed-free roadsides the clean city streets, the tidy ditches the well-swept waterfronts, the neat machine yards, the trim orchards, the uncluttered farmsteads, the clipped hedges, the scrubbed storefronts, the liter-free factory grounds, and the debris-free residential yards set Japan well apart from some other countries’ rubbish-laden lands or billboard mania. Compared to some parts of America, Japan certainly seems immaculate. However, the concept of ‘inside’ is significant here. ‘Inside’ refers to your family and your house or business, if you are employed by a company, to the company and its grounds. Any place that is not part of anyone’s ‘inside’ is neglected.’

Karan, P.P. (2005). Japan in the 21st Century: Environment, Economy, and Society. University Press of Kentucky.

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