Design for an urban playground

Urban play

The design of a climbing rack in the shape of a cave system adds a new landscape experience to a child’s imagination. The rack is positioned underneath the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo.

Open space is a critical problem in Japanese cities; for example, the ratio of parks to inhabitants is 1 m2 per capita in Tokyo compared with 23 m2 in London and 12 m2 in New York. The aim of the expressways is to let cars run as fast as possible, but because the acquisition of land is very difficult in Tokyo, most of the expressways have been raised off the ground, which produces enormous amounts of under-infrastructure space. These spaces are used by small businesses or filled in with parks and playgrounds. Different kind of speeds and landscapes are all gathered together at the same spot. A child is playing in an artificial riverbed underneath the highway landscape of the Shuto Expressway where cars are passing by with 60 km/h.

Taxi werkplaats onder de Mita line (in Dutch)

Buitenspelen voor ouderen (in Dutch)

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