Sensing nature, wood and stone

Collage sensing nature1

The wood industry in the center of Tokyo, stores their timber in open hangars along the roads in Tokyo. The timber smell enriches the experience of passers-by, for a moment you imagine yourself in a city forest. Around new year the wood suppliers supply these local shops with a painted pile of wood. The painting usually represents an image of the Buddhistic year animal. People from the neighborhood portray themselves in front of the painting.

De houthandel (in Dutch)

De bamboewinkel (in Dutch)

New year painting on the wood

Collage sensing nature

The stone shop also sells and stores their stones along the road. What if this constant heap of stones would facilitate a neighborhood Rock garden. Into some of the bigger stones you could plug your telephone for charging while reading a book…

De steenhouwerij (in Dutch)

Landbouw (in Dutch)

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