Nihonbashi bridge cleaning ritual

Water collection

Cleaning rituals of the Nihonbashi bridge2

Ten areas of Japan supply their purest water in bamboo containers for the washing ceremony. The water is used for the cleaning of the brass Zero-point in the middle of the Nihonbashi bridge.

The 10 bamboo containers are collected from:

1.      長野県阿智村(Nagano-ken Achi-mura) 一番清水(ICHIBANSHIMIZU: the number one spring water)

Ichiban comes from the story that this is one of the most delicious water in the neighborhood or the place this water spring located at the nearest place from outside.

2.      岐阜県高山市(Gifu-ken Takayama-shi) 飛騨の水(Hidano-mizu:water from Hida)

3.      愛媛県松山市(Ehime-ken,Matsuyama-shi) 松山の水(Matsuyamano-mizu: water from Matsuyama)

4.      深沢の名水(Fukazawa (or Fukasawa) no meisui: water from Fukasawa) Fukushima prefecture?

5.      原始林の水(Genshirin no mizu : water from primeval forest.)

6.      延命水(Enmeisui: Water of life extension) Nagano, or Hiroshima or Shimane or Fukushima….

7.      おのみちの水(Onomichi no mizu: water from Onomichi) Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima-prefecture ?

8.      鶯の滝(Uguisu no take: Japanese bush warbler fall) Nara? or Mie? If it means the fall at Nara, the origin of the name is the sound of fall is similar to that of the Japanese bush warbler chirp.

9.      大鈩不動の湧水(Oodarafudou no mizu: water from Oodarafudou) Shizuoka prefecture ?

Oodarafudou was the genius for Takeda Shingen (one of the most famous general in Japan, born in 1511 died in 1573) and located on the fall.

10.  手水舎の水(Chouzuya(or Temizuya) no mizu: water at Chouzuya or Temizuya)

Chouzuya is a facility at the shrine to wash their hands.

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Nihonbashi bridge cleaning ritual

Every 4th sunday of July the Nihonbashi bridge is filled with businessmen, local inhabitants, children, the fire-brigade and neighborhood associations all busy with cleaning the Nihonbashi bridge. Read More…