Nihonbashi bridge cleaning ritual


Kärcher clean dirty

Shinto cleaning bassin

It seems that the washing ceremony on the Nihonbashi bridge not only relates to the bridge in its physicality but that it also functions as a cleaning ritual to celebrate the bridge as a unique cultural heritage. It even provoked some restaurant owners in the Nihonbasho district to collect their left over frying oil as a fuel for buses. ‘Metro link Nihonbashi is a free shuttle bus operated under the auspices of local organizations and businesses. This is a new “circulation” endeavor that uses vegetable diesel fuel (VDF), which is made from refining the oil used for deep-frying that is discarded as waste at restaurants in the Nihonbashi area, as fuel for the bus. For the time being, 10% of the fuel per diesel bus is replaced by VDF.’

Metrolink Nihonbashi

For its 100th years anniversary the company Kärcher sponsored the cleaning of the bridge.

The work of the Japanese artist Masaru Iwai.

Masaru Iwai parkcleaning

Masaru Iwai parkcleaning1

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Nihonbashi bridge cleaning ritual

Every 4th sunday of July the Nihonbashi bridge is filled with businessmen, local inhabitants, children, the fire-brigade and neighborhood associations all busy with cleaning the Nihonbashi bridge. Read More…