Grey Zone





Shimura Police Station

On our way to bus stop # 19, we pass by a police station. The police station is situated on a corner between a narrow road and the main road underneath the expressway. We would like to know how the police interpret the phenomenon of placing chairs at bus stops. They have a more positive explanation than the Itabashi ward officer we spoke with last week. They don’t think people do this to get rid of their old furniture free of charge. Instead, they see it as a friendly gesture neighbours make to each other. Especially for elderly people it is very nice if they can have a seat while waiting for the bus.



Bus stop #19

A shop, a road and the huge pillar of the expressway wall the public exterior. The expressway serves as roofing, giving an air of cosiness to the whole setting that reminds us of a big living room. At the bus stop, there are two chairs and a wooden bench. Two brothers own the shop that specialises in polishing supplies and cigarettes. They started with selling the polishing supplies only, but a few years ago they obtained a licence from the ward office to sell cigarettes and installed a special counter in the shop’s facade. At night, two vending machines take over the sales. The brothers don’t know anything about the origin of the two chairs, but they bought the wooden bench especially for the bus stop. Every morning and every evening they remove the chairs and bench in order to clean the pavement. Depending on which brother does the cleaning, the composition of the chairs varies slightly.

Conversation with Kai Nakamura

Bushalte #1 (in Dutch)

Bushalte #2 (in Dutch)

Bushalte #3 (in Dutch)

Bushalte #4 (in Dutch)

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