Build environment: old peeking through new

Tokyo Expressway above Nihonbashi bridge

‘However the pressure of a new fabric on an older fabric is very great as a result of the high price of land. Not incorrectly, Jinnai states that for us Westerners the demolition of an old building or a monument is often experienced as a loss. But it is different in Tokyo. It is precisely because the old dimensions are used once again that it seems as though something of an ethnic continuity is passed on. The old layer of the city sometimes seems to peek through the gaps in the current urban fabric. While Tokyo is one of the world’s most advanced cities its old ethnic elements live on in the vernacular, according to Jinnai, rendering it a mysterious place.’

Graafland, A. (2000). The socius of architecture: Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York. Rotterdam: 010 Publishers.

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