Build environment: hybrids

Artificial riverbed underneath the Tokyo Expressway

‘Tokyo is different from other cities of the world (Cybrwsky 1998). It is one of the few great cities left that has not been reduced to blandness by sociological and economic segregation regulations that decree zones for residential districts, shopping, small industries, and offices. In Tokyo and other Japanese cities, various functions are all mixed up together in a great savory stew, and every part of town, almost every street, has in it all the stuff of life, not merely an antiseptically zoned part of it.  The sights of the city mix in a huge Brueghel picture everywhere: a merchant’s mansion with a tinsmith shop in its shadow, and next door a tiny restaurant where eel is broiled and sauced, a policeman’s booth a few steps away, a half-dozen bars around the corner, then an insurance office, a grocery, and a second-hand bookstore.’

Karan, P.P. (2005). Japan in the 21st Century: Environment, Economy, and Society. University Press of Kentucky.

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